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Spring Cleaning: by Leslie Green the Clutter Queen

01/05/2011 23h35 ● By Brian O

In an organized closet you can actually see the floor.

Have your piles taken on a life of their own? Does your bedroom look like Hurricane Katrina went through it? Do you remember when you could actually walk into your walk-in closet or park your car in the garage? Are you late again because you can't find your keys, cell phone or wallet? Does the idea of cleaning it up and organizing it seem daunting and overwhelming to you? Well, you're not alone!

Many of us are resistant to calling for the help we need because we think we should be able to do it ourselves. How often have you thought, “I should save this because it will fit me again, it will come back in style, or I might need this one day”? A professional organizer provides reality checks to counteract the excuses for clutter, which in turn provide organizing solutions for every day life. Even with the best of intentions, the days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months and we haven't tackled a single project! Our busy lives get in the way of dealing with the many items on our to do list. Our piles of clutter are now escalating faster than gas prices! A professional can help you feel more in control of the chaos, leaving you with more time, energy, and space in your life. Your local professional organizer can help get you started on the right track!

I’ve included some “before” and “after” pictures that will amaze you. Like these clients, you, too, can have the space you always dreamed of… your local professional organizer is only a phone call away! As a professional organizer for over 10 years, I can help and here's how.

For starters, I can be your buddy so you don't have to go it alone. I am not there to pass judgment. I can help you get rid of the roadblocks that have been standing in your way of clearing out the clutter... and we all know that clutter DOES equal stress! Often the biggest obstacle is knowing where to begin; many of my clients had been “stuck” figuring out precisely where to start. After our first consultation, we were able to identify a starting point so the project could now begin. The feelings of stress and being overwhelmed give way to hope and action. Clients who had previously just closed the door and walked away from the chaos, now felt excited and optimistic about gaining control over their space. Often, I suggest beginning with a small space, to get amazing results and keep motivation levels high.

It is important to keep in mind that organizing is a skill that can be learned by anyone. It is easy to learn and has a big payoff in the end! The key, once you get organized, is to stay organized. As a professional, I can teach you that skill and give you the tools you need.

By providing a plan of action during the organizational process, I will help you stay motivated, along with teaching you specific techniques to help keep you organized for life. My clients have eagerly shared their excitement and sense of accomplishment after organizing that first space.

In my full-service organizing business, I can bring you the latest organizational products you may need for your home or business project that you would not otherwise have known about. You can make an easier decision picking the right product if you can see it, feel it, and put it in the space. I also have a vast network of community resources to share with you to facilitate bringing your project to completion, i.e., selling items in a garage sale, estate sale, or liquidation sale. The more people you can bring to your sale the better the odds of selling out!!

Spring is naturally the perfect time of year to clean and organize your space. You created a beautiful place for you and your family to live and now you can give your belongings a home of their own with inexpensive, simple products that will make the biggest difference in your life. When everything has a place, maintaining a clutter-free environment is much easier. You won't have to waste time and energy anymore searching for your appointment book or that family recipe that's been buried in a pile of papers. In addition to saving time and energy, using a professional organizer can help you save money. a With a totally organized space, items in your pantry, home office, and kitchen drawers will be in full view and you will no longer buy duplicates of things you already have.

Like many professional organizers, I also specialize in downsizing. Whether you are an “empty nester” looking to downsize or a senior looking to move toward assisted living, I can make that transition manageable and less stressful for you. Parting with sentimental belongings can be an emotionally charged decision. I can help you through that process in order to prepare for life in a smaller space.

Remember, organizing is a process. Your space didn't become cluttered overnight. Part of the solution lies in breaking a project down into zones, one area or section at a time… taking “baby steps” to bring you closer to the space you have always wanted. As your space evolves, you can always "tweak" it as you go along to better suit your needs. It's all about what works best for YOU!

Leslie Green is a professional organizer doing business as the Clutter Queen here in Corpus Christi, Texas. She has been a professional organizer for 10+ years. You can contact Leslie at: 361.452.1902 (W), 804.334.5662 (C), email: or web:

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