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Boot Camp 101: by Chris Barrows

02/05/2011 06h51 ● By Brian O

Burning calories doesn't mean running non-stop

Burning Calories

Most of us start a workout program to lose weight and burn unwanted calories. There are many exercises to burn calories, but some are better than others.

Running tops the list by putting a very high demand on the body, causing calories to burn fast. Intense activities like jumping rope, riding a bike at high speed, racquetball, squash, and cross-country skiing come in at a close second.

If you cannot perform high impact exercises such as these, all hope is not lost for you to lose weight, increase times of low impact exercises, or work up to higher impact exercises to burn more calories.

Try this calorie squashing routine:

• 10 minutes of jogging
• 5 minutes of jumping rope
• 5 minutes of jumping jacks
• 10 minutes of stair climbing
• 10 minutes of elliptical or fast walking

(Remember to rest between sets)

Make this program, or a variation of it, a daily routine and say goodbye to unwanted pounds.

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