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Campus Corner: by Christina Puentes

02/05/2011 09h35 ● By Brian O

South by Southwest

South By Southwest has to be one of the biggest events of the year in Austin. People are swept up in Austin’s festive nature, pouring across its threshold by the truckload, booking every hotel in the city for miles. For ten days, the city has more music pounding out of its pores than most cities could muster up in a year.

People who come to Austin for SXSW must brace themselves for a few key facts: you WILL wait in long lines, smell plenty of beer and weed, marvel at the sights and sounds, and if you play your cards right, probably get plenty of free stuff along the way. This is a defining part of Austin’s young city life. College students are to free stuff as zombies are to live humans. College students will go to ridiculous lengths to get into a free show, club or, most importantly, the free kegs. Here in Austin, there’s almost always a free SOMETHING brewing somewhere for people to flock to.

Now, all that being said, I sadly did not get to enjoy SXSW this spring break. Instead, I returned home, where I dreamt of lying out on the beach and working up a glowing tan…but God must have had other plans for Corpus Christians because I saw nothing but an overcast sky and sub-summer temperatures, coated with a gust of the typical local winds that make going to the beach more of a hassle than a pleasure. Instead, I mostly stayed indoors with my family and a couple of friends, avoiding the annual “Spring Break Tourists” who congest the beach and the island.

It’s funny how as a college student, coming back to one’s hometown after being away for a while really can change one’s perspective about the city as well as living at home. I have started to miss the casualness with which I was once able to say, “Let’s go to the beach today,” or “Deep sea fishing? Hell yeah!” I know I’ve already grown to appreciate the comfort and ease that comes with living with parents who cover most expenses and have home cooked meals awaiting one’s digestive tract. Living on one’s own requires responsibility and definitely the ability to multi-task. Who’s going to remember to feed you? Who’s going to remind you to wash your clothes, do your dishes, clean your room, or do your homework? Who’s going to look after your health, your sleeping habits, or the way you allocate your time? Nobody but me, myself, and I.

Back in Austin, with the end of the Spring 2011 semester fast approaching, it’s hard to believe that I’m already about to complete my first year as a UT undergrad. I’ve already started to reminisce about this school year’s progress and utter failures (but I’ll save that for next time). Soon enough finals will be pressing against every student’s mind, leaving little time for much pleasure or relief, but this is expected of the young adult who wants to do something, be someone, and feel wanted and important in society. This is the way of college life. No BS, no excuses.

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